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Love it, Suffer for it, Turn it into Literature

7 January 1987
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12 monkeys, 24, 28 days later, 3:10 to yuma, a clockwork orange, a scanner darkly, american psycho, arrested development, art, austin powers, band of skulls, batman, being human, ben linus, black books, blue velvet, bunny and the bull, cartoons, casino royale, clint eastwood, constantine, daniel bruhl, dark city, death proof, desperado, die hard, drawing, eastern promises, face/off, fight club, from dusk till dawn, g.i. joe, gangs of new york, gangster no. 1, grindhouse, guy ritchie, hannibal lecter, heat, hogan's heroes, hot fuzz, house of 1000 corpses, ichi the killer, inception, inglourious basterds, interview with the vampire, james bond, justified, kiefer sutherland, kill bill, kirk/spock, kiss kiss bang bang, l.a. confidential, let's go to prison, literature, lord of the rings, lost, lucky number slevin, mean streets, midnight cowboy, miller's crossing, movies, my soul to take, nathan barley, natural born killers, nazis, ncfom, oldboy, oz, philosophy, phone booth, pineapple express, planet terror, platoon, prison break, quantum of solace, quentin tarantino, ragad, ravenous, reservoir dogs, revolver, robert carlyle, rocknrolla, rocky horror picture show, sam rockwell, serial killers, seven, shaun of the dead, silence of the lambs, sin city, sleuth, smokin' aces, snatch, some like it hot, sons of anarchy, spaced, star trek, sukiyaki western django, superjail, suspect zero, takashi miike, tank girl, taxi driver, terminator salvation, the black dahlia, the boat that rocked, the boondock saints, the brothers bloom, the cell, the darjeeling limited, the departed, the devil's rejects, the full monty, the godfather, the green butchers, the hitcher, the joker, the krays, the matrix, the mighty boosh, the office, the prestige, the proposition, the raconteurs, the salton sea, the usual suspects, the vanishing, the venture bros., the watcher, the white stripes, there will be blood, true grit, underworld, v for vendetta, video games, vietnam war, watchmen, will arnett, william shakespeare, wwii, zodiac, zombieland